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Go for an early morning walk along the Corniche Beirut s seaside promenade and watch as the Mediterranean Sea laps against the rocks while the summits of Mount Lebanon dominate the horizon to the east. Enjoy a strong black coffee here before hitting Hamra to experience Beirut s bustling commercial side or the old Central District to admire the elegantly restored Ottoman and French-colonial buildings a demonstration of Beirut s determination to become the Paris of the East once again. Footprintfocus Beirut features practical advice on getting to and around this up-and-coming city, along with fascinating insights into Beirut s culture and history. Essentials section with practical advice on getting there and around. Highlights maps of the region so you know what not to miss. Comprehensive, up-to-date listings of where to eat, drink and sleep. Detailed street maps for Beirut and key destinations. Slim enough to fit in your pocket.
Loaded with advice and information on how to get around, this concise Footprintfocus guide will help you get the most out of Beirut without weighing you down.The content of Footprintfocus Beirut guide has been extracted from Footprint s Lebanon Handbook.

Verlag: Footprint
AutorInnen: Jessica Lee

EAN: 9781909268913
Erscheinungsjahr: 2014, 2nd ed.
Zielgruppe: Hobby/Freizeit
Produktform: Taschenbuch
Seiten/Umfang: 104 S. , 175 x 112 mm
Gewicht: 128 gr


1) Introduction
2) Planning your trip
3) Beirut
4) North from Beirut
5) The Metn
6) Mount Lebanon skiing
7) Chouf Mountains
8) Baalbek
9) Footnotes


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