Dorset Bouldering


Portland, Lulworth, Swanage (ENG), EAN: 9781873341131

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Dorset has emerged as a major bouldering area in recent years thanks to the hard work of a bunch of diligent locals who have combed the coastline seeking out every block, problem and traverse. Chief amongst these developers has been Ben Stokes who has documented the developments in two popular Rockfax PDF MiniGuides.

Ben has now put everything together into a much larger Rockfax book, adding loads of new areas and expanding the existing coverage. In addition to the well known areas of the Cuttings, the Boulderfield and the Neddyfields, the book has extensive information on the West Coast of Portland, many more areas on the East Coast, plus Swanage and Lulworth. It describes 1943 boulder problems on 384 pages.

EAN: 9781873341131
Auflage: 1. Aufl. 2015

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