Mediterranean Spain – Costas del Sol and Blanca


Strait of Gibraltar to Denia, EAN: 9781846235269

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This new edition of the RCC PF’s well known guide to the long Spanish Mediterranean coast between Gibraltar and Denia has been compiled by Graham Hutt who suceeds John Marchment as editor.

This is an important pilot for yachts coming to and from Northwest Europe and the Atlantic from the Balearic Islands and more distant parts of the Mediterranean. The clear sailing directions provide all the essential information for passage making or hopping along the coast between harbours and anchorages.

The new 2014 seventh edition sees substantial changes, and whilst no major harbour alterations have taken place since the sixth edition the book has undergone a facelift. Graham Hutt has added more descriptive material and added many new photographs which give a better feel for places. The Spanish enclaves of Melilla and Ceuta in Morocco have now been excluded from the pilot and the space made available has been used to include the extra text and photos.

Throughout the work has been updated and the plans corrected.

Verlag: Imray
AutorInnen: Graham Hutt

EAN: 9781846235269

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