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For ten years, we tested and kept a list of Kyoto’s most secret spots.
Only 30 made the final cut.
30 unique and exclusive experiences that reveal the soul of Kyoto.

“One afternoon in the space of a cherry tree in Kyoto, and here I am lifted to the highest heights of the intoxication of existing.” – René Depestre

Discover the loveliest spot to picnic on the banks of the river without being harassed by eagles, have your own barbecue behind the fish market, attend a tea ceremony in a private home, meet the craftsman who has just revived the traditional Kyoto fan that had virtually disappeared for 50 years, head to a fishing village to discover the world’s first itinerant hotel, push open the door to a bar hidden inside a temple, eat the best egg sandwich in town, go to the public baths to reconnect with a local ancestral tradition, taste the aguri mochi that started a thousand-year rivalry, or watch as a wood warehouse is transformed into an izakaya at nightfall ...

Soul of Kyoto was written by Thierry Teyssier, a traveling hotelier who likes to choreograph his dreams, and those of his clients. Here, he orchestrates encounters, discoveries, and shared moments to trace for us the soul of a city as beautiful as it is inaccessible.

The ‘Soul of’ collection is a new approach to traveling that is all about wandering around, chance encounters, and unforgettable experiences. Guides for those looking to unlock the hidden doors of a city, find its pulse, and plumb every last nook and cranny to uncover its soul.
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