Sidarta Kletterführer Slovenija/Slowenien
Športnoplezalni vodnik - Climbing guide - Guida d'arrampicata - Kletterführer

Sidarta Kletterführer Slovenija/Slowenien

Športnoplezalni vodnik - Climbing guide - Guida d'arrampicata - Kletterführer
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A new, revised and updated edition of the sports climbing guidebook to the Slovenian climbing areas includes over 5200 routes in 99 climbing areas. It rounds up all the sports climbing possibilities from the Mediterranean area, including Osp and Mišja peč, to the alpine regions of the Julian Alps and the hills of the Slovenian north-east. Many hand-drawn crag topos have been replaced with photos, which often make finding the desired route much easier. But state-of-the-art paintings by Danilo Cedilnik – Den, an experienced Himalayan climber, alpinist, and painter, remain our trademark. One of the great attractions of Slovenia is how small and compact it is. The sea and the Karst, the Alps and the Pannonian plains – all of them are just a couple hours’ drive away, even if it means driving across the whole country. This makes Slovenia a climbing destination par excellence and a place where you can climb throughout the year. From the crags in the high Alpine areas and the walls tucked away in cold forests where you can climb during the heat of the summer, to the yellow tufas near the sea where you’ll be wearing short sleeves in the depth of winter, while other people are skiing and climbing frozen waterfalls less than two hundred kilometres away… All of this and more will be right at your fingertips. Format: 15 x 24 cm 592 pages/Seiten Soft cover binding Colour photos Topos Weight/Gewicht: 1275 g
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Ines Božič Skok, Janez Skok, Klemen Žumer, Sašo Kočevar
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English, German, Italian, Slovenian
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