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Chulilla Climbing Guide (Valencia)

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Kletterführer: 64 Sektoren mit ca. 1000 Sportkletterrouten rund um Chulilla in der spanischen Region Valencia

180 Seiten, kartoniert, komplett zweisprachig Englisch & Spanisch

With more than 800 routes, Chulilla (Valencia) is one of the best rock climbing areas in Spain. Its limestone canyon shaped by the Turia river makes Chulilla a great place for sport climbing.

The routes’ grades range from low 6s through to the mid to high 8s making Chulilla a perfect climbing area for most climbers. The routes are usually quite long, in some cases requiring a 80m rope (always make sure your rope is long enough).

While having routes at all grades, many climbers consider Chulilla to be the 7c paradise and for those that climb around this grade will definitely have endless supply of routes and projects.


EAN: 9995560110775
Auflage: 1. Aufl. 2016

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