Produktcover: Anavasi Topo Map 4.21 Griechenland - Meteora 3D

Anavasi Topo 10 Map 4.21, Metéora 3D, 1:10.000

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Thessalien, EAN: 9789609412636

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Product Description

The hiking map of Meteora in scale 1:10 000 by Anavasi editions is a world first in the printed cartography with its the three-dimensional depiction. We provide the special glasses and we let wander back you back to Meteora even when you are no longer there.

A monument of World Natural and Cultural Heritage of UNESCO, Meteora is a unique landscape of rocky spines and the second largest monastic complex in Greece. With the new map, Anavasi editions invites you to discover the transcendental scenery of Meteora through hiking trails.
The map is printed on waterproof “polyart” paper.

EAN: 9789609412636
Auflage: 2017

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Englisch, Französisch, Italienisch, Neugriechisch


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