Produktcover: Anavasi Topo Map 20 8.10 Griechenland - Exo Mani 1:20.000

Anavasi Topo 20 Map 8.10, Éxo Máni 1:20.000

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Peloponnes, EAN: 9789609412438

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Product Description

Mani is the middle and southernmost peninsula of the Peloponnese and is split between Laconia and Messinia. Exo Mani is the name of the northwestern part, which belongs to the prefecture of Messinia. Exo Mani preserves a treasure trove of Byzantine and post-Byzantine churches and castles in breathtaking landscapes.The new map covers the entire Exo Mani, the are formerly covered by the three older maps “Verga-Kampos”, “Kardamyli-Stoupa” and “Agios Nikolaos-Trachila. ” The area has wonderful cobbled paths ideal for walking all year round.

Verlag: Anavasi Editions

EAN: 9789609412438
Erscheinungsjahr: 2015
Zielgruppe: Hobby/Freizeit
Produktform: Karte, 232 x 133 mm
Gewicht: 64 gr


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