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Terrain Map 331, Sámos 1:50.000

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Südliche Sporaden, EAN: 9789606845895

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Product Description

It is waterproof and rip-proof. You can fold and unfold it a thousand times, fold it in irregular ways, dunk it in the sea or leave it out in the rain. This map is indestructible!

It is the first time the island’s entire coastline is mapped. Cartography was done with TERRAIN’s specially equipped and staffed cartographic vessel. This means that you can locate all beaches of the island, down to the tiniest cove! In fact, the special features of every single beach are recorded: whether it is sandy or pebbled, whether it features natural tree shade, water, a beach bar or organized water sports, whether the seabed in front of the beach is sandy or rocky (so that you will know where to anchor).

It features the most complete road network and the trails of Samos for the first time, with total precision since TERRAIN’s cartographers walked them one-by-one. The length of all trails is measured in kilometers so you can estimate the duration of your hike, plus 6 of the trails are described in full detail on the back of the map (including the two ascents to Kerkis, the tallest peak on Samos).

It features the rock climbing crags of Samos and a detailed map of the city of Samos.

Scale/Maßstab: 1:50.000
Edition/Auflage: 3rd edition / May 2017

EAN: 9789606845895
Auflage: 2015

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Englisch, Neugriechisch


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