Produktcover: Carta dei sentieri 9 Italien Alpin - Valsavarenche
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Carta dei sentieri 9, Valsavarenche, Gran Paradiso 1:25.000

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Grajische Alpen, EAN: 9788898520695

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Product Description

• Size/Maße: 11×16 (guide-book) – 70×100 (map)
• Pages/Seitenzahl: 64 (guide-book) + 1:25.000 (map)
• Photo/Fotoqualität: Black & white
• Binding/Bindung: Stapled
• ISBN: 9788898520695
• Code: ESC09
Valsavarenche, Gran Paradiso’s hiking map at a 1:25.000 scale with a WGS84 grid (1km). All data has been gathered by walking each route with a GPS device, printed on support extra strong and waterproof.
64 page guide-book which includes 3 long-distance hikes: The Grand Tour of the Valsavarenche, The small Tour of the Valsavarenche, Monte Paillasse. Including a list of itineraries, trail-markers and durations.

EAN: 9788898520695
Auflage: 6. Aufl. 2018

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Deutsch, Englisch, Französisch, Italienisch


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