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Falaises de Corse - Sportklettern in Korsika

Falaises de Corse - Sportklettern in Korsika

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ISBN 978-2-9526-3888-3
2.400 voies sur 77 sites

The guidebook has expanded to include 13 new crags, including several high-level granite crags (which was something previously not present in Corsica). A few "trad" crags have also appeared. The new areas are mainly in the southernmost part of the island (between Porto-Vecchio and Bavella), and to a lesser degree affect Balagne, Cortenais and the Ajaccio region.

Extended by 56 pages, this new edition now boasts 408 pages and presents 2400 routes spread over 77 sites, including 62 multi-pitch routes and 2 bouldering sites. The last big change is that we have drawn up a formal contract with an Appli and each guidebook will contain a sticker with a scratch code, allowing the owner of each book to have free access to the information on a smartphone.

English, French
Year of publication:
State: Corsica
Country: France
Continent: Europe
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