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Escalade pour le Week-End France Est
(ENG, FRA), EAN: 9781873665084

Escalade pour le Week-End France Est

(ENG, FRA), EAN: 9781873665084
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This title is the second in the series of 4 books for general sport climbing in France, and is designed for all levels of climber. The title says it all, collecting together all of the great places to go climbing for the weekend in one book.

- The perfect weekend book for climbers.
- 3a to 8c all levels, ideal for indoor climbers going outside
- 10 000 sport climbing routes in East France (250 cliffs)
- Great access maps, GPS info, campistes and picnics
- Family friendly, bi-lingual guidebook

FRANCE ROC - 2 - Est/East - Escalade pour le WeekEnd (Edition 2019)

English, French
Year of publication:
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