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Crest Creek Rock Climbs
British Columbia (ENG), EAN: 9780993877261

Crest Creek Rock Climbs

British Columbia (ENG), EAN: 9780993877261
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Crest Creek Rock Climbs is a guidebook to around 250 free and 50 aid climbs at Crest Creek Crags, Strathcona Provincial Park, on Vancouver Island, BC.

This hotly anticipated guidebook to one of Vancouver Island's best crag climbing areas is informative, visually stunning, seasoned with sardonic humour and features side-bars, memoirs & artwork from key local contributors.

The Heathens and Wild Isle have collaborated to craft an entertaining guide that introduces us to
the unique characters who have made Crest Creek a special place to climb and the routes that have drawn Island climbers and global visitors for some 30 years.

Crest Creek Rock Climbs
by Chris Barner & Ahren Rankin

6" x 9" (Zoll) 184 pages/Seiten
full colour, 2017 edition
ISBN 978-0-9938772-6-1

Year of publication:
Country: USA, Canada
Continent: North America
Places: Crest Creek
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