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Imray Seekarte G121 - The Inland Sea 1:95.000
Griechenland, EAN: 9781786790798

Imray Seekarte G121 - The Inland Sea 1:95.000

Griechenland, EAN: 9781786790798
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Plans included: Dhioriga Levkádhos (Levkas Canal) (1:20,000) Vasilikí (Nísos Levkas) (1:10,000) Órmos Fiskárdho (Cephalonia) (1:7,500) Órmos Ayias Eufimia (Cephalonia) (1:6,000) Órmos Frikou (Nísos Itháca) (1:15,000) Kálamos Harbour (1:5,000) On this 2019 edition the chart specification has been improved to show coloured light flashes. The display of buoyage within the Levkas Canal has been improved. The latest harbour developments at Vasilikí (N. Levkas) are included. Submarine cables and firing practice areas have been updated. There has been general updating throughout.

Country: Greece
Continent: Europe
Categories: Nautical Charts
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