If you want to return an item please note the following details::

1) Delivery of a damaged product

If an item is damaged please let us know promptly! We will send you a perfect product immediately and would ask you to return the damaged product at our expense.

Examples for damaged products:

  • A book is delivered with a deformed cover, with dog ears or similar defects
  • A book is incomplete, pages are missing
  • CDs/DVDs cannot be played (correctly)

2) A wrong product has been delivered

You have ordered an article and unfortunately we have delivered a different one. Please get in touch with us immediately. We will promptly send the right product and would ask you to return the wrongly delivered product at our expense.

3) The product does not meet your expectations

You have ordered an product that does not meet your expectations. In this case you can cancel the purchase. If you want to return the product you do not have to give a reason. Nevertheless we are glad for any feedback as it helps us to optimise our offer.

Please return the product within 14 days and note that the deadline also starts to run if the parcel is deposited in a post office or at your neighbour. Should this period already have been expired please contact us, we will find a solution.

These kinds of returns must be sent at your expense. Please note the prices of your local shipping services (post, parcel service).

Please note the following exceptions, when returning or cancellation of a purchase is not possible:

  • Download-products (e.g. eBooks, Audio- and Video files)
  • Audio or Video records (CDs, DVDs) or Software that has been sent by us sealed. As soon as the seal or the original packing is removed, the possibility to cancel the purchase is invalid.

4) Your returns

If possible use the products original packaging and use adequat postage.

If you live in Germany the return address is

freytag & berndt GmbH
Kohlenmarkt 1
93047 Regensburg
Tel.: +49-941-584 08 32
Fax: +49-941-584 08 33

For Austria and all other countries the return address is:

freytag & berndt Österreich
Wallnerstraße 3
1010 Wien
Tel.: +43-1-533 86 85
Fax: +43-1-533 86 85-86

Please also note the corresponding paragraphs of our terms and conditions as well as the cancellation policy regulated by law.

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