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Walking in Bulgaria's National Parks
EAN: 9781852845742

Walking in Bulgaria's National Parks

EAN: 9781852845742
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Pirin, Rila & Central Balkan National Parks

For walkers and naturalists, Bulgaria is a paradise. There is an amazing variety of landscapes and a rich biodiversity, yet mountains dominate much of the country. The treks in this guidebook are based in the Pirin, Rila and Central Balkan national parks which cover the three wildest and most majestic mountain regions of Bulgaria.

This guidebook contains route descriptions for 12 two to four-day treks, including one single day trek, that cover spectacular scenery and offer an unrivalled opportunity to encounter some of Europe’s rarest plants and animals. Each walk is broken down into day stages with each stage finishing at either a mountain hut or another suitable source of accommodation. The distance of each trek varies from 7 to 61km in length and covers a variety of terrain including panoramic ridges over Musala and Vihren, the two highest peaks in the country.

The walks in this guidebook are challenging and are aimed at fit, experienced mountain walkers. The trails are often physically demanding, with long steep ascents and descents, often over rocks and boulders. Furthermore, most of the ridge walks require a good head for heights – especially the exposed scramble along the Koncheto crest (Walk 12). Be sure to read the route description carefully before setting out.

As well as providing detailed route descriptions for many of the most outstanding walks offered by these three national parks, it also contains a great deal of background information about the history and geography of places passed along the trails, along with comprehensive details of the wildlife likely to be seen.

Pages/Seitenzahl: 256
Size/Maße: 17.2 x 11.6 x 1.5cm
Weight/Gewicht: 280g

Land: Bulgarien
Kontinent: Europa
Orte / Berge / Seen: Musala, Vihren, Bansko, Gabarevo, Divcovoto
Kategorien: Wanderführer
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