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This is the first book in the France Roc series, and it includes all of the climbing in central France along the A6 autoroute from Paris to Lyon.

All This style of guidebook uses a combination of graphic colour coded piste maps, exact data tables for climbing information, and over 1400 photo topos. The majority of the photos are taken from the base of each climb looking up at the climb, this way you can properly identify each climb exactly.

FRANCE ROC 1 - Bourgogne - Burgundy
First Edition - ISBN 978 1 873 665-16-9
320 pages, 210mm x 151mm
Two languages: French & English
Graphics and photo topo guidebook that will suit all languages.
46 Different climbing locations
200+ Piste maps that illustrate 4400+ routes
1400+ Colour photo topos - 193 different cliffs
611 g
Englisch, Französisch
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