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FTX Brisbane International - Airport Scenery Pack
FSX, EAN: 9995200000060

FTX Brisbane International - Airport Scenery Pack

FSX, EAN: 9995200000060
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Welcome to the next generation of Orbx international airports! Featuring pristine 7/15/60cm per pixel imagery. Developed by Martin Henare of YMML fame, and joined by Russ White who has 20 years design and 3D modeling experience, they are creating something remarkable with YBBN. Using complete new technology developed by the Orbx team, this airport will astonish you with its detail and realism - but will offer fantastic performance as well! The entire project is being modeled in 3DStudioMax, which allows plenty of innovation over Gmax methods. The airport features world first 7cm aprons created synthetically but offering crisp markings, bump mapped reflective glass that reflect the airport scene, amazingly detailed ground vehicles and much, much more!

EAN: 9995200000060
Region: Queensland
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