Produktcover: Ravnik Jurij - Climbing Topo Kraski Rob / Karst Edge
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Climbing Topo Kraški Rob/Karst Edge

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Slowenien und Italien (BHS, DEU, ENG, FRA, ITA, SLV), EAN: 9789612856076

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This book includes the following crags: Mišja peč, Osp – Banje & Babna, Luknja, Big Wall, Črni Kal, Črnotiče (bouldering place new to this edition), Risnik, Napoleonica, Santa Croce, Costiera, Aurisina (new nice winter crag), Sistiana, Doberdo, Grotta Katerina and Val Rosandra (a huge new addition).

All the crags have been revisited, updated and reevaluated, with many new photos, maps and trivia.

The topo also has lots of extra content, like the rest day recommendations, interviews with key climbers like Ondra, Slabe, Sbisi, Galičič, Vodlan, history, culinary and climbing articles and so much more.

EAN: 9789612856076
Auflage: 2017

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Englisch, Slowenisch


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