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Hiking & Biking in Serbia

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First comprehensive outdoor guide book for Serbia.

The perfect companion for the easy to medium level hiker and biker, birdwatcher, wildlife and outdoor lover. All routes have been personally checked out by the author. The book covers over 30 described routes with detailed maps, trail descriptions and timings, beautiful photos and carefully researched background information on what can be seen along the way.

Some of the described routes cover Fruška Gora, Valjevo Mountains (including around Divcibare), Djerdap National Park with its Iron gate, on the summits of Rtanj, Trem, Kablar each offering stunning views, Stara planina (including the Roof of Serbia), the Sjenica high altitude plateau, to the Griffon vultures in Uvac, Tara National Park, along Danube and Sava rivers as well as routes in the vicinity of Belgrade.

EAN: 9788686245328
Auflage: 1. Aufl. 2016

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