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Polvere Rosa 3 – Ski Touring in the Monte Rosa Massif

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Italien, Aostatal/Piemont (ENG, ITA), EAN: 9788895224084

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Product Description

The third edition of Polvere Rosa, the first guide in Italy,since 1997, which describes the most beautiful off-piste descents of Monte Rosa.
Polvere Rosa3 proposes a new, larger format, describing 70 new descents for free skiing.
Polvere Rosa3 describes also small ski mountaineering areas as Palasina, Pian Coumarial or the area of Lazoney, as well as the Monte Rosa massif, with superclassics climbs (and descents) of 4000 meters peak, along with all the steep lines of extreme skiing.
Maps, panoramic photos with lines, action shots of Andrea Gallo and other local authors: Marco Spataro, Paolo “Poldo” Aghemo, Giorgio Sacco, Pierre Tardivel, Claudio Zana, Victor Cortez, Maurizio Fasano, Robert Tousco, Alberto Silvestri, Rocco Perrone.
John Falkiner, telemark legend and globetrotter is the author of the preface.

400 Seiten mit zahlreichen Fotos;Skizzen und Beschreibungen

170 Routen und Abfahrten stellt der aktualisierte Freeski-Führer von Andrea Gallo im Monte Rosa Gebiet vor.

Sprachen italienisch und englisch

Verlag: Idee Verticali
AutorInnen: Andrea Gallo

EAN: 9788895224084
Erscheinungsjahr: 2011
Einband: Kartoniert

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